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Food for Thought

Hey we're getting around that time again. Food for Thought is meeting this Thursday at the Dorthy Alling Memorial Library at 4:30. If you can make it that would be wonderful! We are always looking for new members!

The Hobbit

The Hobbit is a story of a hobbit who's life begins to change when he is asked to go on an adventure. The Hobbit is an old and well known book that has finally became a movie not to long ago and it came out on DVD not long after. Now many of  The Hobbit fans were disappointed in the movie and anyone who has read it can say that it does not follow the book. But what did you think? Did you enjoy The Hobbit or did you think it went way to far off from the book to really enjoy? Branching off of that do you get excited when your favorite books become movies?

Writing Adivice

Now that you have an idea what to write about you may be asking questions about getting your ideas on paper. Cassandra Clare, author of the mortal instruments, can help you with that problem. On her website ( you can find a tab called writing advise. Here she answers some questions about how to write your story/novel. She answers things like how to get pass writers block, coming up with characters, writing dialogue, getting published and much more. Her tips can really help to improve your writing and answer some questions you may have. Go to and click the questions to revel the answers. Hope this helps, happy writing.

Meme Contest Winner 2013!


Check Out the New Young Adult Books at the Library!


Teen Tech Week

Teens Check In @ your library!  March 11-16, 2013

Raffle - $25 gift cards: iTunes, Best Buy, Starbucks
Enter each time you come to the library this week! (Williston/St. George residents)

Meme Contest - Create a meme using a meme generator of our choice.  Contest ends March 15. Details at

Party! Friday, March 15, 4-6 pm
Pizza, prizes, games, app scavenger hunt.

Young Writers Prompts

Want to write a short story but don't know what to write about? There are many (An assignment or set of instructions for an essay) online to help, but if you pick one from the Young Writers Project site you have the option to submit your work in and possibly get it published by 21 newspapers in Vermont and New Hampshire and on Vermont Public Radio's Web site ( Choose any prompt that seems interesting to you and submit it by the specified date. For instructions on how to submit your work visit For the prompts check out Hope you enjoy and hope to see your work!