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San Diego Comic-Con 2014

Are you currently deeply saddened by the fact that you couldn't make it to San Diego Comic Con 2014? We definitely are. To make ourselves feel better, we used the internets to find out what we missed Whether you're a part of any of the following universes, or one of the other countless fandoms, then this is the blogpost for you! Look below to see various links that may be of interest.

New cast members and hilarious blooperswere released. Aren't you sad you weren't there?

It's not San Diego Comic Con without the attractive cast of Teen Wolf being adorable and answering questions. We hope the new season continues trending back towards what the show used to be, we're loving it! #moondays

The Hobbit had a panel this year, and a trailer for the third (and final? We think?) installment in the franchise.

The Avengers Age of Ultron Panel has a bunch of interesting and humorous bits. We can't wait!

The Walking Dead group at Comic Con gave us interesting insights into…