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New Books in 2016

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My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand
Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Mass
Glitter by Aprilynne Pike
Nerve by Jeanne Ryan
The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead 
The First Time She Drowned by Kerry Kletter
All We Have Left by Wendy Mills


Being Jazz by Jazz Jennings
The Real Girl's Kitchen by Hayllie Duff
Vietnam: A History of the War by Russell Freedman
Lost in The Pacific 1942 by Tod Olson

Upcoming 2015 YA Movies to be Excited About!


AP English "Great Scenes"- The Best of Existentialist Dramatic Literature

The latest struggles of your local AP English students culminated this week in the final performances of the "Great Scenes" - some of the world's most renowned existentialist plays, edited down to 20 minutes, written, directed and acted by the students themselves. Here are some of these plays which we found to be the most successful, engaging or intriguing.

FIRST: A definition of the word "existentialism" 
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noun, Philosophy1. Aphilosophicalattitude... thatstressestheindividual'suniquepositionasaself-determiningagentresponsiblefortheauthenticityofhisorherchoices."

No Exit
By Jean-Paul Sartre
This play focuses on three sinners who have died and gone to the afterlife. There, they discover that what they expected- fire, torture chambers, brimstone, is nowhere to be found. Instead, they are confined together in a room. It soon becomes clear that the real punishment in store for the sinners is merely the p…